Toddler Program

Our Toddler Program Follows a Montessori Curriculum

Learning and Exploring 

Our school provides toddler care for 12 children between the ages of 12 months and 24 months, with 3 teachers.

Our toddlers love the environment because it was designed with their natural love of exploring and learning in mind. The main classroom welcomes toddlers and delights their senses. With three large windows, framed art and posters on the walls placed at their eye level and Montessori materials placed on wooden shelves, little learners find themselves immersed in a world of discovery.

Special Lessons

We provide small child size tables and a comfy rug when working on the floor is better. Our toddlers love the bright and inviting materials and learn organization through putting their lesson on a tray and carrying it back to its special place on the shelf.

Teachers are giving one-on-one lessons to the children or redirecting and assisting the children that need it. We also have a reading corner where children sit on a small couch and look at books. Everyone moves around peacefully and respectfully.

Our Circle Time Room

In our Circle Time Room we provide a large rug with bright colored circles to guide the children on where to sit. At the head of the circle, we keep a large calendar on the wall, a CD player and a basket filled with teaching tools.

Circle time is a group lesson where the children learn songs, finger plays, flash cards, group activities and stories about the theme of the week. The children are introduced to French as a second language. Community members who are familiar with ethnic music, dance or food are sometimes invited to share with the children at circle time.

This room is also used for "line work" which is movement on the line, guided by music. We also use simple musical instruments such as bells, tambourines and drums. In early afternoon, this room is transformed into the nap room. The floor is covered with mats to sleep on and folding cribs for the younger ones. The opening on the wall is covered by a curtain and so is the window. All you will hear at this time is very quiet music.

Our Children's Cubbies

As you enter the classroom down a short hallway that goes towards the back exit and our outside fenced backyard, you will see the child size cubbies where children keep their outside clothes, change of clothes and lunch box.

On the wall of this hallway you will see a large bulletin board containing information for parents about their child' s day; including his or her favorite activity, how he or she ate, when he or she was changed, etc. There is also a small bulletin board with the menu of the snacks that are served to the children that week. Each morning and afternoon snack includes at least two items approved for our program. 

Our Creative Room

 This is our creative or activity room which has two large windows looking out at the view of the mountains and play yard.

In this special room, children are free to interact and play with friends. You will see little ones diving into arts and craft activities, playing with play dough and large pouring exercises.

This room also doubles as the lunch and snacks eating area. The children enjoy eating with their friends while sitting on small chairs around round tables.

Our Kitchen

 We provide morning snack and afternoon snack (lunches are brought from home).

The small kitchenette is used by our staff to prepare nutritious snacks for your children.

Our Philosophy

Because children progress through stages of mental growth at different rates, our environment is structured so that children have maximum freedom to gravitate toward materials that enhance their current state of development.

By nurturing toddlers as individuals, we seek to develop confidence, intellectual growth, creativity, and joy in learning. We work in partnership with parents to give toddlers what they need in development and care.

Every child is welcome. We invite you to see our school in person.

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Toddler Program
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