The Preschool program is specially designed
for Pre-primary, ages 2 - 3 1/2 years old

Building a foundation

Two-year olds have incredible potential to learn and at the same time they need one-on-one attention and special care. We have three teachers caring for our 14 students. Care of the self and potty training is important at this time and is given special attention. 

Our pre-primary group has 3 classrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. 

Arts and Crafts

We call our first room the activity room because this is where the children use there creativity in arts and crafts. Meals and snacks are served in this room family style on round tables. 

Practical Life, Sensorial, Language Lessons

The next room is our large lesson room. Montessori materials are on the four shelves around the room for the children to use. Individual lessons are given to each child on a small table or on a floor rug. The child is then free to reuse that material in his own time.

Our preschoolers learn practical life lessons such as spooning from one bowl to the other, matching fabrics, drawing letters on a sand tray or learning foundational mathematics with association of quantities to numerals. 

Reading Corner

This room also has a reading corner with a couch and children's books available. The children are welcome to look outside using the wooden climber by the window. 

Circle Time Room

The third room is the circle time room. The children are gathered in this room for group lessons daily. A yellow oval line is on the floor for the children to sit on.

The presentation of a simple science project or a new craft project are examples to what might accompany the morning calendar time. 

Nap Time

This room is also transformed into a nap room the first part of the afternoon. Individual mats are placed on the floor and are covered with the children's own bedding from home. 


Our school provides morning and afternoon snacks. These snacks are prepared in the kitchen area where children sometimes assist in the washing of the food or cleaning the dishes. 

Bathroom Skills

The bathroom has little potty chairs and steps next to the sink for hand washing. 

Outside Play Time

The children are taken outside to play twice a day. We have a very large fenced playground filled with equipment to climb, swing and run around. 

Our property is blessed with a beautiful view of the mountains and nature.

Every child is welcome. We invite you to see our school in person. 


Our Preschool Classroom

Preschool Tactile Learning

Smiling Preschooler at Montessori Daycare

photo by Clare Bloomfield

Preschool girl arranging flowers

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