Infant Care

The Bozeman Montessori Children's House provides infant care for 6 little ones, ages 6 weeks to 12 months, with 2 teachers.

This program was especially developed for our littlest ones. We feel very fortunate to be able to offer a separate protected area for the children that are not walking yet.

The Nursery

Our nursery includes a classroom with a carpeted area and a low shelf to hold beginning material and simple toys to choose from. Until they are able to crawl, the infants spend time on their tummy or their back exploring different material with their hands.

The walls have low mirrors with a ramp for little ones to pull themselves up. Children enjoy watching educational flashcards presented to them or listen to soft music.

Swings, bouncy chairs and high chairs are used only when necessary for small amount of time. The floor is covered with linoleum in the eating area.

Butterfly mobiles are hanging from the ceiling

The nursery also has its own complete kitchen for bottle and food preparation. The sleep room has six new wooden cribs that are prepared with the child's own bedding, a rocking chair and low lighting. White noise or soft music is played. This room is available all day for the babies to go to sleep on their own schedule.

The separate bathroom has an infant changing table with a hanging black and white mobile. Each child has a cubby to store their clothing. We encourage independence and accomplishment on the child own time.

Every child is welcome. We invite you to see our school in person. 

Infant Care Room

Infant enjoying her montessori classroom

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