Meet our Teachers and Caregivers 

Cynthia Bennett, Certified Montessori Teacher
Owner and Director  

A native of Quebec, Canada and fluent in French, Cynthia moved to the U.S. as a teenager and has dedicated over 30 years to the care and education of young children. In 1985, after completing a 2-year intensive training & internship, she received her Montessori Teaching Diploma from the Pan-American Montessori Society.

After working for a decade in various Montessori schools in the U.S. and having fallen in love with the natural beauty of the Northwest, she opened her first school, Giving Tree Montessori for Infants and Toddlers here in Bozeman in 1996.
Later she opened the Montessori Children’s House in 2011, named in honor of Maria Montessori's first school in Rome. She expanded the facility to meet the ever growing needs of Bozeman’s young families. The new expansion includes three additional classrooms, a larger playground and a full kitchen, all designed and built with the needs of the young child in mind.

Cynthia is dedicated to providing the Montessori way of education for the youngest ages from 6-weeks to 3-years old. She’s experienced first-hand how this approach allows the innate intelligence of young children to expand and develop right along with their joy, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Through the years, Cynthia has learned to cultivate and channel the abundant energy, enormous learning potential, curiosity and wonder that these little ones naturally possess and she passes this knowledge along to her teachers.

She has always had a deep love for children and is a mother of five of her own, four boys and a girl. She loves ice skating and cross country skiing and also enjoys scrap booking, ballroom dancing and ballet.

Maria Montessori taught that the motto of a young child is, Help me to do it myself. Cynthia's goal is to provide the best possible situation for children to fulfill this vital need. She invites you to visit and discover the wonders of early childhood education through the Montessori way. 


Tatiana T Feldman, Accountant and                Administrative Assistant

Tatiana is compassionate and loving with children and she sees her working here as the perfect opportunity to do what she loves the most. She is a certified Montessori Teacher Assistant. She is also a certified Paralegal with a BS in Liberal Arts and Arts and volunteers for CASA.

Bridget Hansard, Infant Teacher and              Administrative Assistant

Bridget joined our staff in 2017. She shares administrative responsibilities with Tatiana Feldman.  Part of her time is devoted to care for our infants. She worked as a caretaker for both children and seniors. Her loving and caring personality make her well suited for working with children. In her spare time she enjoys her five grandchildren and large extended family. She has a Master’s Degree in Arts.

Our Infant Teachers

Cindy Hinson, Infant Teacher

We are very happy to welcome Cindy into our school. Cindy brings 35 years of experience with young children and a lot of joy to our group of little ones. You have probably seen Cindy before working at the Bozeman Children’s Library. She has a background in Early Childhood Education Studies and Montessori Education.

Erika Carrol, Infant Teacher 

Erika has several years of experience in conducting activities with young children. Erika is bilingual, English and Spanish.  Her quick mind and focus are an asset to our Infant classroom. She has a Culinary Degree and is passionate about caring for the babies.

Lori Martin, Infant Teacher 

Lori brings a lot of experience with caring for children and family members.  She is a loving and motherly teacher. She is a joyful and patient with the babies.

Allix Larsen, Substitute

Allix has been with us in our Infant Nursery since last June.  She is now continuing her studies in nursing at MSU and helping us on her days off. We are grateful for her gentle presence with the babies. 

Our Toddler Teachers 

Daisy Dominguez, Toddler Teacher

Daisy has over five years of experience in Montessori classrooms.  She brings comfort and love to our lively toddlers. Her circle time engages the children with lots of fun music and songs. She brings her organizational skills and a good daily routine to our toddler classroom.  Daisy is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Jessica Squires, Toddler Teacher

Jessica loves the Montessori environment and is a fun and easy-going teacher. She is excited to bring craft and educational projects to the classroom. She is an Early Childhood Education student at MSU.

Aubrey Kline, Toddler Teacher 

Aubrey has a sweet personality and has experience working with little one. She values the importance of a clean and safe environment for the children. When not in the classroom Aubrey is pursuing her education at Gallatin College. 

Our Pre-Primary Teachers 

Betsy Meyer, Pre-Primary Teacher

Betsy has worked with children since 2005 and as been with us since 2016. She has great patience and an amazing gift to communicate with children individually. She studied the Montessori Method and enjoys teaching in a Montessori Environment.  Betsy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. She is a mother of a 5-year-old boy. We are grateful for her ongoing dedication and thoughtfulness. 

Courtney Behrens, Pre-Primary Teacher

Courtney is a Montessori Teacher  and a certified Nurse Assistant. Since 2013, she has worked with children ages 0 to 12.  Courtney is very calm, has a positive attitude and has a natural ability to relate and direct children. Our children and staff greatly enjoy working with her.  

Sammy Haight, Pre-Primary Teacher

Sammy has a background in Human Development and Family Science studies. She has experience  in working with children individually and in large groups.  Sammy enjoys playing with children while facilitating opportunities for them to learn and grow.  She is full of joy and has a very positive attitude and personality.

All members of our staff are First Aid, CPR/AED certified and have continuous  child care education.