Meet our Teachers and Caregivers

Cynthia Bennett, Certified Montessori Teacher
Owner and Director

A native of Quebec, Canada and fluent in French, Cynthia moved to the U.S. as a teenager and has dedicated over 30 years to the care and education of young children. In 1985, after completing a 2-year intensive training & internship, she received her Montessori Teaching Diploma from the Pan-American Montessori Society.

After working for a decade in various Montessori schools in the U.S. and having fallen in love with the natural beauty of the Northwest, she opened her first school, Giving Tree Montessori for Infants and Toddlers here in Bozeman in 1996.

Later she went on to open the Montessori Children’s House in 2011, named in honor of Maria Montessori's first school in Rome. After a successful five years, she is now expanding the facility to meet the ever growing needs of Bozeman’s young families. The new expansion will include three additional classrooms, a larger playground and a full kitchen, all designed and built with the needs of the young child in mind and due for completion in the Summer of 2017.

Cynthia is dedicated to providing the Montessori way of education for the youngest ages from 6-weeks to 3-years old. She’s experienced first-hand how this approach allows the innate intelligence of young children to expand and develop right along with their joy, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Through the years, Cynthia has learned to cultivate and channel the abundant energy, enormous learning potential, curiosity and wonder that these little ones naturally possess and she passes this knowledge along to her teachers.

She has always had a deep love for children and is a mother of five of her own, four boys and a girl, ages 14 - 30 years. 
She loves ice skating and cross country skiing and also enjoys scrap booking, ballroom dancing and ballet.

Maria Montessori taught that the motto of a young child is, Help me to do it myself. Cynthia's goal is to provide the best possible situation for children to fulfill this vital need. She invites you to visit and discover the wonders of early childhood education through the Montessori way. 

Our Infant Teachers

Christine Lamore, Certified Montessori Teacher
Infant Teacher and Administrative 
Assistant to the Director

While exploring the possibilities of life traveling the world for 10 years as both a train hostess and a flight attendant, Christine came upon the Montessori way of education and discovered this was the career for her.

She took her training through the Pan American Montessori Society under Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, a direct student of Maria Montessori herself. After completing her training and internship in 1992, she taught in Montessori schools from Hawaii to Montana.

In Christine's words, “ Montessori benefits children in so many ways. It’s child-centered, leading them to a lifelong love of learning, self-directed and self- disciplined.”

Born and raised in Sweden and after living and working in six different countries, Christine is very happy that she and her husband have chosen Montana as their home.

Bridget Hansard, Master of Arts
Infant Teacher and Administrative Assistant

Originally from Frankfurt, Germany, Bridget holds a Master of Arts degree from the Art Academy of Dusseldorf.

She frequently visited the United States in her earlier years, and in 1998, decided to move to the U. S. She first settled in California, where she managed a book and gift store for several years.

After moving to Bozeman with her husband about ten years ago, she worked as a caretaker for both children and seniors. She joined us at Montessori Children's House in 2017.

Her loving and caring personality makes her well suited for working with children, and we are thrilled to have her on board.
She loves the Montessori philosophy and feels it is the best environment for children to grow and blossom.

In her spare time, she spends time with her five grandchildren and large extended family, which keeps her very busy.

Sarah Killham
Infant Teacher

Sarah has a profound interest in given children the best education they can have. For her, the best place to start with is with children in their infant stage.  She enjoys interacting with our infants and wants to offer to each one of them the best care they can have. 

Sarah loves working at Montessori Children’s House, as she feels at home.  She loves sharing her day with teachers that have the same common goal, to provide the best care to our children.

Sarah is a natural teacher.  She has taught from infants to adults during her career. Sarah has chosen the Montessori system because it allows children to have the freedom of being who they are.  She has a goal to obtain her Montessori training credentials, while working with her favorite group of students, infants!

As any great teacher, Sarah loves to read.  She rides horses and owns two of them.  She spends a lot of her spare time with her horses. 

Molli Clizbe
Infant Teacher

Molli is a natural leader. She has a loving, joyful, playful and attentive personality. She lovingly interacts with children, while respecting children's space and development process. Her favorite thing is to watch children relax and explore their sorroundings. Molli is able to handle stressful situations in a calm and compassionate manner. She loves our infants and they love her back! 

Molli looks forward to coming to work every day. She loves the homey and family-oriented environment that Montessori Children’s House offers.  Molli loves to see how our school’s environment nurtures our infant’s development, and she feels happy to be part of it. 

Molli is a teacher and artist at heart. In her spare time, she enjoys to expressing her creativity and has put together two shows of her art work.   She looks forward to continue educating herself to enhance her natural teacher skills and abilities.

Our Toddler Teachers

Daisy Dominguez 
Head Toddler Teach

Daisy is a fun, sweet and easy-going teacher.  She has a playful and calm nature. She is able to relate to children easily and children follow her.  She is able to easily transmit her joy and love to the children she works with. 

Daisy has worked with children in the Montessori system since 2015.  Daisy has chosen to work in a Montessori environment, as she loves that children have freedom to choose what they need. She states, “I enjoy seeing children having freedom of choosing how they want to learn...” 

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, pets and friends.

Kaitlin Hackwith
Toddler Teacher

Growing up in Strandberg, South Dakota, Kaitlin spent many hours as a teenager, babysitting her cousins and younger brother.

After high school she moved to Augusta, Montana, where she studied for a year at Montana Wilderness School of The Bible.

In 2018, Kaitlin married her high school sweetheart, and they decided to settle in Bozeman, Montana.

Kaitlin loves working with toddlers. She says, "It's really fun watching them grow and developing a sense of self. They all have such unique personalities." The children in turn adore her sweet and peaceful presence.

On her free time Kaitlin enjoys photography, an interest she shares with her husband. She also likes hiking, camping and baking.

Kinsey Kohls
Toddler Teacher

Kensey is a team player! She is our fun and loving teacher assistant. Kinsey loves caring for children and enjoys spending time with them. She has a positive view of life and wants children around her to have a positive environment and view of life.

Kinsey loves that the Montessori system offers an organic environment to children. She loves to see how children flow with everything around them and learn more about themselves and the environment in a safe way.

In her spare time, Kinsey enjoys practicing sports and spend time with her dogs and friends.

Our Pre-Primary Teachers

Betsy Meyer, Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
Infant Teacher

Betsy was born and raised in Minnesota. She attended Saint Cloud State University, studied history and psychology, and eventually settled on a degree in elementary education. While studying for one semester in England, she met her husband, with whom she has a five year old son. 
In college she coached beginner's and intermediate gymnastics classes.

After college she worked in an Americorps elementary program, as well as The Reading Corps, tutoring children using specified materials. Later, she held a position training and recruiting college students as well as elderly folks, in teaching children reading skills.

In 2011, Betsy and her husband, felt the call of the mountains, and moved to Bozeman. It was here that she first walked into a Montessori school. She thought she had touched a piece of heaven. Everything was so peaceful and organized. Betsy loves to connect with the uniqueness and essence of each child. She has excellent communication skills, which shows in her interactions both with the children and the parents.

Betsy has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years, and loves going hiking and biking with her family.


Eloise Nielsen, Bachelor's Degree in History, Teaching Diploma

Growing up in a small town in northern France, Eloise always enjoyed traveling. It was on one of her travels that she met her American husband while in Montana. 

Eloise earned a bachelor's degree in history from Universite Rabelais in France, and also holds a teaching diploma,which allows her to teach pre-school as well as elementary aged children. She worked in schools in France for five years teaching in multi-age classrooms and special needs environments. She also taught in a Montessori school in town prior to joining us.

She enjoys working with children, feeling she can play a part in making a difference in their lives. Her work ethic, professionalism and attention to detail, makes her a great asset in the classroom. We are very grateful to have her part of our team.

Some of her interests outside of school, are cooking, especially French cooking, hiking and traveling.

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